FireStick No Signal: Why and How To Fix?

FireStick No Signal: Why and How To Fix?

The FireStick no signal shows that the device is not connected properly to the TV or there are issues with the connected Fire TV accessories or network.

The FireStick no signal occurs mostly due to a loose HDMI cable connection or defective ports. The other reasons include problems with HDCP, device settings, defective or damaged devices, and network connection.

The FireStick no signal issue will need you to go through each troubleshooting step one by one, including checking the power source, HDMI connection, internet connection, TV’s input source, screen resolution, power cable and adapter, server outage, rebooting Firestick and using Fire TV Stick with another television.

Read on to learn more about reasons why Amazon FireStick shows no signal and how to troubleshoot them.

Why does Amazon Fire Stick keep saying no signal?

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There are multiple reasons why a Firestick keeps saying no signal including non-compatible HDCP, faulty HDMI, device setting problem or defective and damaged Fire TV Stick. The most common problem that we found in our research was defective HDMI ports.

You can easily check and fix this by connecting your device directly to the TV HDMI port or your Firestick to the TV using a new USB cable.

The potential causes of Firestick’s no signal is listed below.

  1. HDMI port problem
  2. HDCP Problem
  3. Device Setting Problem
  4. Use of power input other than the provided one
  5. Defective or Damaged Amazon Fire TV stick
  6. Router and Network Connection problem

If you have been using an Amazon Fire TV stick for years, you definitely would have encountered this problem at least once.

  1. HDMI port problem: Did you check your hardware? Is your HDMI in good condition? You must have thought why am I asking these questions? The HDMI is one of the most common reasons for a no-signal error on a Firestick. Furthermore, it can also lead to buffering problems on your Fire TV Stick.
  2. HDCP Problem: HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. HDCP doesn’t allow your video to be played on the TV and therefore, you receive a no signal error. If you have a smart TV, then you are not going to face this issue, but if you are still using the old TV models, then you are going to face this issue.
  3. Device Setting Problem: If you had done any settings to your FireStick when the HDMI port was connected to your TV earlier and now you are using the same HDMI port with the Amazon Fire TV stick, then you will face this no signal error on your Firestick.
  4. Use power input other than the provided one: Using power input other than the provided one sends a no-signal message on the display. Sometimes, we connect the USB stick to the TV directly as a power source and when the power input is taken from a source other than the provided one, a no-signal message is displayed on the screen.
  5. Defective or Damaged Amazon Fire TV stick: Amazon Fire TV stick also shows a no signal message due to a damaged or defective stick. The defective or damaged Firestick also leads to problems like the Amazon Fire TV stick not connecting or not getting ON.
  6. Router and Network Connection problem: An inconsistent network connection also shows no signal on Firestick. Additionally, a No signal message appears on a Firestick if you have modified incompatible settings to your router.

Quick Tip: If you reside in a hot climate, your Fire TV Stick gets overheated and ceases to function properly. In this case, I recommend disconnecting the Fire TV Stick from your television and allowing it some time to cool down. Once cooled, reconnect it and try to regain signal on your Fire Stick.

How To Fix No Signal on FireStick?

As per Amazon spokesperson Diane B., restarting the Fire TV Stick is the first thing you should perform when you are seeing no signal on a FireStick. She further said that using original accessories and not plugging the Fire TV Stick into the television’s USB port prevents the appearance of no signal display in the future.

The other troubleshooting methods to diagnose and fix Firestick no signal is listed below.

  1. Check Power Source
  2. Check HDMI Connection
  3. Check Your Internet Connection
  4. Check TV’s Input Source
  5. Check the Fire TV Stick with Another Television
  6. Reboot Amazon FireStick
  7. Check Your Screen Resolution
  8. Use Original FireStick Power Cable and Adapter
  9. Check For Amazon Server Outage
  10. Contact Amazon Customer Support

Each of these troubleshooting methods is given below in detail.

1. Check Power Source

A power source issue is often at the heart of Amazon Fire TV Stick troubles. Even though your Fire TV Stick is connected to your TV, it needs a steady flow of power from the power adapter it is connected to.

Investigating your power source and checking if it’s switched on can mitigate the risk of no signal on your FireStick related to the power input source.

If you find any hint of a loose connection or an issue with the power supply, your Fire TV Stick might throw a tantrum and refuse to provide a reliable signal. So, ensure your power source is in working condition to keep your viewing experience smooth and hassle-free.

2. Check HDMI Connection

Checking the HDMI connection lets us make sure whether the problem is with the cable or port. Amazon Fire Stick uses HDMI cables and ports, and most of the time the problem is due to poorly connected cables and ports. Usually, we neglect this issue and start troubleshooting for other problems.

The troubleshooting steps to find and fix the HDMI issues with the Firestick are given below.

  • The very first step is to check whether The HDMI cable is connected properly or not! Make sure that the cable is tightly connected and doesn’t have any cuts in the wire.
  • If you find no problem with the HDMI port connection and wires, then you must try connecting the HDMI wire to another port. Make sure to use only authentic HDMI wire.
  • If the problem is still there, try connecting the HDMI wire to other devices to check if your ports are working correctly. Sometimes, the ports get damaged due to regular wear and tear or due to environmental conditions.
  • Check for dust build-up in the HDMI cable and port. If you see any signs of that, blow the dust out with compressed air.
  • You can also use a power converter box, but with the box, you need to have VGA and 3.5mm wire cables.

The above troubleshooting steps will quickly tell you about the exact problem with the HDMI port and wires and what you need to change to solve the Fire TV stick no signal issue.

However, if your HDMI cable wire and Ports are in good condition but still you are facing the no signal error in Amazon Fire TV Stick, go through the next troubleshooting method.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

Checking your internet connection is necessary to find out slow or inconsistent internet connection speed as this also causes no signal on Firestick sometimes.

But, if your network is working properly and still there’s a no signal message on your display, you will have to diagnose the internet connection problem.

The below troubleshooting steps will help you diagnose and fix the problem.

  • Open the “Menu” and Go to “Settings”.
  • In settings, go to the “Network”.
  • Press the Play / Pause button for once.

4. Check TV’s Input Source

Check your TV’s input source to make sure Amazon Firestick is plugged into the correct input source. If your Amazon FireStick is plugged into an incorrect input source on your TV, you can easily diagnose and resolve the Firestick no signal problem.

The step to diagnose and resolve the problem with the TV input source is given below.

  • Reach for your ‘TV remote‘ (not the FireStick one), find the button labeled ‘Source’ or ‘Input‘, and ‘press‘ it. You will see multiple input source options on your TV screen, identify and select the one where your FireStick is plugged in.

If you’re unsure about which HDMI port houses your FireStick, simply go on a little exploration – select each HDMI input until you get yours.

5. Check the Fire TV Stick with Another Television

Checking the Fire TV Stick with another television is necessary to find out the compatibility problem with the TV OS. Several users have encountered issues when trying to use the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with older television models, owing to certain minimum hardware requirements.

We found several users on Amazon Forum having trouble with using Firestick on Samsung Smart TV HDMI. This is mainly due to the Samsung Tizen OS that doesn’t support some Apps available on FireStick. Apps like Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc, work fine but other free apps don’t create Tizen-specific apps.

Interestingly, when we tried using the same Fire TV Stick with a different television and even a monitor via the HDMI slot, it functioned flawlessly. So, you must try this workaround as well. It just might be the solution you need!

6. Reboot Amazon FireStick

Rebooting the Amazon Firestick refreshes the device and issues due to temporary bugs and glitches are fixed instantly. A Firestick does show no signal when there’s a software bug or glitch and this becomes a real problem as this makes you unable to use your Firestick remote to restart the device.

In a situation like this, the below Firestick rebooting steps will help you fix the problem in a few minutes.

  • Disconnect all devices attached to your TV.
  • Turn off your TV and gently unplug the HDMI stick from its port.
  • Next, disconnect the Fire TV Stick from its power source and let it sit idle for around 5 minutes.
  • Once that’s done, power up your TV and reconnect the Fire TV Stick.
  • To ensure everything’s back on track, press any button on your Fire TV Stick remote and see if it’s working.

You can also restart Amazon Firestick from the Settings Menu or directly with the remote control.

7. Check Your Screen Resolution

The resolution of your TV screen could potentially affect the signal reception from your FireStick. Using a non-compatible or non-adaptive resolution may cause disruptions.

The steps to adjust your screen resolution to one that is automatically compatible with your FireStick is given below.

  • Grab your FireStick remote and press and hold the ‘Up‘ directional button along with the ‘Rewind‘ button for about 10 seconds. This will prompt a menu to appear.
  • From this menu, select ‘Use current resolution‘. This should help align your TV’s resolution with your FireStick’s requirements.

8. Use Original FireStick Power Cable and Adapter

Using the original Firestick power cable and adapter is necessary to ensure that you don’t face any issues with your Firestick due to third-party accessory use.

If you are experiencing a ‘No Signal’ error on your Firestick, check if you are using a power cable or adapter that didn’t come with the FireStick box. Third-party accessories sometimes throw a wrench in the works, leading to signal loss.

The original gear is always your best bet for seamless operation. If you’ve got it lying around somewhere, dust it off and give it a whirl. If you’ve misplaced the original power accessories (we’ve all been there), you might need to make a quick trip to Amazon’s website and order a new set.

With the right equipment, you should be back to binge-watching your favorite shows in no time!

9. Check For Amazon Server Outage

The Amazon Fire TV Stick operates on Fire OS, which is built over Android and runs on Amazon’s AWS servers. These servers are generally regarded as highly reliable, offering consistent uptime. However, like any technology, they may sometimes encounter issues that can result in a ‘no signal’ error on your Fire TV Stick.

If you suspect any such issue, you can verify it by checking the AWS status on Downdetector. If You notice outage spikes, it indicates an issue with Amazon’s servers. Unfortunately, if this is the case, your only course of action is to patiently wait for Amazon to rectify the problem on their end.

10. Contact Amazon Customer Support

While you can usually troubleshoot the ‘No Signal’ error on your Amazon FireStick on your own, there are times when it’s best to leave it to the professionals. For example, if the problem lies with your TV’s HDMI port and involves the circuit board, it’s not advisable to attempt fixing it yourself.

If the fault originates from your FireStick, such as a device defect, don’t hesitate to contact Amazon customer support as your final option. The team at Amazon will conduct an in-depth examination of your device and guide you on the necessary steps to resolve the issue or recommend if a new Fire Stick device is required.

Why does my TV say no signal when HDMI is plugged in?

Your TV says “No Signal” or “HDMI Cable Disconnected” when the HDMI cable is not plugged in properly or the wrong input source is selected.

Unplug the HDMI cable from both your source device and the TV, then firmly reconnect it to ensure a secure connection.

If the problem persists, consider switching to a different HDMI cable or using a brand-new one. Also, try plugging your source device into another HDMI port on your TV, making sure to adjust your TV’s input settings to align with the new port used.

As per an article titled “My TV doesn’t detect a device connected via HDMI” published on the Samsung website, you should perform the following troubleshooting steps.

  • Check the power source of your external device
  • Check TV Source settings
  • Check your HDMI cable is properly connected to the HDMI port
  • Use the HDMI Cable Test function for HDMI troubleshooting
  • Try connecting other devices

Can my Firestick stuck on the loading screen?

Yes, your Firestick can stuck on the loading screen if there’s an issue with the power supply, using incompatible devices and accessories, overheating, running background processing tasks, or has a fault with the device hardware. Sometimes, the low or drained remote batteries also make the Firestick appear unresponsive.

Diagnosing and troubleshooting the problem is the best way to fix a firestick stuck on the loading screen.


And there you go! You’re now armed with a lot of effective solutions to fix ‘No Signal’ on your Amazon FireStick. We hope this guide will help you fix the no-signal problem and get back to enjoying your favorite shows.

The world of tech is tricky, but remember, issues like these often have straightforward fixes. From checking your HDMI connections to ensuring a secure power source makes all the difference and prevents Firestick not working condition. And if all else fails, remember that Amazon’s customer support is just a call away.