Firestick Remote Blinking Orange or Yellow: Meaning, Reasons and Fixes

Firestick Remote Blinking Orange or Yellow: Meaning, Reasons and Fixes

The orange or yellow blinking light on Firestick remote means that it’s in discovery mode. The orange or yellow light appears on the remote mostly due to network connection issues, low batteries, and faulty devices.

The simple fixes for the Firestick remote blinking orange light include ensuring the remote’s batteries are charged, plugging the Fire Stick into the appropriate port, and verifying that it receives adequate power.

Read on to learn more about the meaning of the yellow or orange light flashing on the Firestick remote, the reasons, and the solutions to get rid of the issue.

What does the orange or yellow light on Firestick mean?

The orange or yellow light on the FireStick remote means that your remote is not paired with the device or is in discovery mode. This happens at the time of first set up or even when you are using your Fire TV.

A non-blinking solid orange light appears on the remote when the remote is not paired, while a blinking orange light appears when the remote is in discovery mode.

What are the main reasons for the blinking orange light on the Firestick remote?

A firestick remote in a hand.

The main reasons for the blinking orange light on the Firestick remote are listed below.

  1. Problem with internet connection
  2. Low battery
  3. Un-updated firmware
  1. Problem with Internet connection: Internet connection disruptions, unstable connection, and slow Internet connection are the major problems we face regularly. Check the speed of the connection to make sure the problem is from the internet service provider.
  2. Low battery: The Firestick device works on a pair of AAA batteries that become low or dead when used for a long time. The firestick remote never works properly if the batteries are low or drained.
  3. Un-updated firmware: Smart devices like Amazon FireStick require updates to work perfectly. The software updates fix the bugs and enhance device security. Usually, the Amazon Fire TV is updated automatically but sometimes you need to do it manually if the device’s automatic updates are off.

Why is my Firestick blinking orange or yellow?

Your Firestick is blinking orange or yellow light because the remote is not paired with your Fire TV. A slow-blinking yellow light on your remote signifies that it has unpaired from the Fire TV device, and is now in ‘discovery mode’ ready to connect with a new device.

Restarting the Fire TV device and reconnecting the remote usually fixes the issue but other hidden problems actually take the Fire TV remote to discovery mode.

Generally, a few troubleshooting steps fix these issues with the remote and bring the remote back to working condition without any blinking yellow or orange light.

How To Fix Firestick Remote Blinking Orange Light?

A person holding two fire TV remotes

Usually, to fix the Firestick remote blinking orange light a simple device restart and then reconnecting the remote fix the problem. But, if this doesn’t solve the problem, you will need to try the below-listed troubleshooting methods.

  1. Replace Firestick remote batteries
  2. Re-pair The Fire TV remote to the device
  3. Stop Interference
  4. Unpair Other Bluetooth Devices Connected to the TV
  5. Reset the FireStick Remote
  6. Update the Fire TV Stick Firmware
  7. Contact customer support if nothing works

1. Replace Firestick remote batteries

Replacing firestick remote batteries is needed to make sure that the connectivity issues are not due to low or drained batteries. Generally, a Firestick remote flashes red when there’s a low battery but an orange light also appears if the batteries are low.

Low batteries disrupt the connection between the remote and the device and the flashing orange light appears as a result. So, replace old Firestick batteries with new AAA batteries and check if it solves the orange blinking light issue on the remote.

Also, make sure the positive and negative terminals of the batteries are placed correctly while installing new batteries.

2. Re-pair the Fire TV remote to the device

Re-pairing the Fire TV remote to the device resolves the orange or yellow blinking light issue on the remote. Since the orange flashing light indicates that the Firestick remote is in the discovery remote, the quickest and easiest method to stop this is to take out the remote from the discovery mode.

The steps to re-pair or take out the firestick remote from the discovery mode is given below.

  • Turn off the Fire TV and restart it using the power button on the remote after 60 seconds.
  • Next, press and hold the Home button on the Firestick remote for 10 seconds to re-pair the remote and the device.

The Firestick remote will stop flashing yellow or orange after getting paired with the Fire TV device. In case the remote LED is still blinking, move to the next troubleshooting method.

Remember to wait for at least 30 seconds for the pairing to finish.

3. Stop Interference

Interference means radio signal obstructions causing the device and remote to disconnect. These radio signals are the signals coming from other appliances or devices placed near the Fire TV Stick.

The Firestick remote starts flashing an orange LED light when it fails to establish a connection to the device. The best way to eliminate the interference is to remove other appliances and gadgets placed near the Fire TV Stick device. Also, make sure to turn off other Bluetooth devices in the room.

Now, check to see if the orange flashing light is stopped, if not, move to the next troubleshooting method.

4. Unpair Other Bluetooth Devices Connected to the Fire TV

A bluetooth headset

Unpairing other Bluetooth devices connected to the Fire TV is necessary to ensure that the device has not reached the maximum Bluetooth connecting capacity. The Firestick device connects a maximum of 7 devices at a time and if there’s no room to connect a new device, the remote will keep failing to connect, no matter how many times you try.

So, if you are facing a problem with connecting your Firestick remote to the device, triggering a blinking orange light, please disconnect some or all of them for once and then try re-pairing your Firestick remote.

5. Reset The FireStick Remote

Resetting the Firestick remote brings the remote back to the factory defaults and removes unknown bugs and glitches causing issues, like the Firestick remote blinking yellow or orange. So, when there’s a blinking yellow light on your Firestick remote, resetting the remote solves the problem.

The resetting process for all Fire TV remotes other than first-generation Fire TV remotes is the same. The steps to reset all other Firestick remote models except the First generation is given below.

  1. Unplug your Fire TV for 60 seconds.
  2. Press the “Left,” “Menu,” and “Back” buttons simultaneously and hold for 15 seconds
  3. Release and wait a few seconds before removing the remote’s batteries.
  4. Plug in and turn on your TV and wait for 60 seconds.
  5. Put your remote’s batteries back in and press the “Home” button. 

However, if you are using a first-generation Fire TV Stick then this dedicated article on “Ways on How To Reset FireStick Remote and Different Remote Types” is a great help.

6. Update the Fire TV Stick Firmware

Amazon updates the Firestick firmware regularly to protect the device from bugs, glitches, security, and performance issues. Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep the Firestick software updated to protect your device from showing issues such as the orange blinking light.

Generally, the Fire TV Stick firmware is updated automatically but if it’s not, follow the below listed steps to update your device.

  1. Open the Fire TV Menu and go to the “Settings icon“.
  2. Search Device and click on “About“.
  3. Now, tap on “Check for System Update“.
  4. You will get the option to “Install System Update” if the update is available.

7. Contact customer support if nothing works

If you have tried all the above solutions but still the orange light is flashing on your Fire TV remote, then it might be a hardware issue with your device that’s stopping the remote from connecting.

In this situation, it is best to contact Amazon’s customer support or search for a specific solution to your problem on their support page.

Why is my Fire TV remote flashing orange 3 times on pressing every button but not working?

firestick remote flashing orange light 3 times

If your Fire TV remote is flashing orange or yellow 3 times on pressing every button but not working, use the below steps to fix the problem.

  • Take your remote within 10 feet (3 m) of your Fire TV device.
  • Unplug the Fire TV device and then plug it back into the power cord or adapter.
  • Try pairing the Fire TV remote using the Fire TV app.
  • Remove one or more of the paired devices before attempting to pair another, if your device is already paired with controllers.

Check if your remote is compatible with troubleshooting mode to identify what is causing the issue. To check if the remote is compatible, press the Alexa or microphone button on the remote and see if the remote LED flashes.

Does blinking an orange LED on the Fire TV remote mean a replacement is needed?

No, a blinking orange LED on the Fire TV remote doesn’t mean a replacement is needed. The orange LED light on the remote indicates a connectivity problem between the device and the remote. It simply means a warning sign and shows that something needs attention or troubleshooting.

Why is my Fire Stick remote not pairing?

Your Fire Stick remote may not be pairing due to reasons such as low battery power, interference from other devices, or it might be out of range. It could also be a result of issues with the Fire Stick itself.

Try replacing the batteries, moving closer to the device, or resetting the Fire Stick to troubleshoot.

Why is my Fire TV box flashing white and orange lights and won’t come on?

A hand using a Firestick remote in front of the TV.

If your Fire TV box is flashing white and orange lights and won’t come on then perform the below given troubleshooting steps.

  • Plug your Fire TV device using the original power adapter or power cord.
  • Keep the device turned on for 25 minutes or wait for the screen to change.
  • Ensure that you are using the high-speed HDMI cable.
  • Try connecting your Firestick to a different HDMI port.
  • If you have a HDMI hub, then plug your Fire TV device directly into the TV.
  • Also, make sure you are using an HDCP-compliant TV.
  • If you have multiple TVs, then try using the device on a different TV.

But, if you only see a white light on the Fire TV remote then it simply means that the Fire TV device is not ON.


Fire TVs are a great way of streaming your favorite shows and relaxing, but it can be a bit stressful when you run into any technical issues. If the indicator light on your Fire TV is blinking yellow or orange, it’s likely experiencing a connectivity issue. This simply means that your Fire TV remote is in discovery mode, has become unpaired, or is having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

Pairing your Firestick remote and resetting the device are the quick troubleshooting methods that usually fix the problem orange or yellow light problem. Remember that sometimes all you need to do is to replace the remote batteries. If the orange flashing light persists after performing the above troubleshooting methods, its a sign of a more significant issue needing repairs.