Firestick Remote Flashing or Blinking Blue: Meaning, Reasons and Fixes

Firestick Remote Flashing or Blinking Blue: Meaning, Reasons and Fixes

The Firestick remote flashing or blinking blue light means that the device is paired successfully. The remote also shows a blue solid light when Alexa is listening to the voice commands.

The continuous flashing of blue light on the Firestick remote is easily solved by replacing the remote batteries, re-pairing the remote, restarting or rebooting, or resetting the Firestick remote.

The Amazon Firestick is far and away one of the most popular media streaming solutions on the market right now. It’s up there in the top three as far as sales numbers are concerned and shows absolutely no signs of losing popularity anytime soon. Small, sleek, superpowered, and very easy to use thanks to an intelligently designed remote that makes the most out of Alexa voice commands, it’s hard not to fall in love with this little stick the first time that you try it out.

But, of course, like every man-made thing, Firesticks remotes sometimes “misbehave” and just do not work the way we expect them to. Don’t worry!

Read on to learn more about the solid and flashing blue light on the Firestick remote, and their reasons and solutions.

What does it mean when your Firestick remote is flashing blue?

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When your Firestick remote flashes blue it means that it has been paired to the Fire TV device. The blue light also blinks when the Alexa button is pressed and it’s waiting for or listening to your command.

So, the blue light on a firestick remote is either flashing or remains solid, and both of these indicate different things.

The below table has a list of Firestick remote blue light indicators with their solutions.

Blue Light on Firestick RemoteSolution
Blue light flashing constantlyPair your remote – press and hold the “Home” button for 10 seconds.
A solid blue light on the Firestick remoteUnplug your Firestick and plug it back in after few minutes.
The solid blue light on the remote and certain buttons are not workingReplace the batteries and clean  the remote.

Why is my Firestick remote blinking blue? Reasons and Fixes

The Firestick remote blinking blue light indicates that the Alexa voice command system has been triggered but isn’t actively listening to a command. The blue Alexa button at the top of the new Firestick remote gives you full control over the Alexa voice command system, and all it requires is a short button press until you see a solid blue light that lets you know that Alexa is listening.

The blue light on your Firestick remote serves as a communication tool, indicating various functional states. If the remote LED is flashing blue light continuously, it means that the remote is attempting to establish a connection with the device.

Sometimes, the same blue light also indicates a low remote battery. Additionally, the blue light is also a sign of connectivity problems and it also illuminates when the remote is actively processing the voice commands.

What to do if the blue light flashes continuously on my Firestick remote?

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If the blue light flashes blue continuously on your Firestick remote after pressing the Alexa button, press and hold the Alexa button for 5 seconds and then press the back button. This solution has worked for a lot of Firestick users as per Amazon support but as per our research, we recommend trying some of the troubleshooting steps that are listed below.

  1. Replace the remote batteries
  2. Re-pair the remote
  3. Restart the Firestick
  4. Reset the Firestick remote
  1. Replace the remote batteries: A low battery level in the Firestick remote also leads to the blue light sometimes and replacing the remote batteries fixes the problem. Simply, open the battery cover on the remote back and wait for 30 seconds. Next, reinsert the new batteries and see if the blue light is gone.
  2. Re-pair the remote: If the blue light on your Firestick remote persists after replacing the batteries, re-pairing the remote does the trick. To perform this, press and hold the Home button on the remote for 10 seconds or until the blue light flashes 3 times. You will also see an on-screen confirmation when the remote is paired.
  3. Restart the Firestick: Restart your FireStick if the blue light is still flashing on your remote. To do this, press and hold the Play/Pause and Select buttons simultaneously until the device reboots. In case this doesn’t reboot the Fire TV device, go for other restarting methods explained in the article “4 Ways on How To Reboot or Restart Firestick“.
  4. Reset the Firestick remote: Resetting the Firestick remote solves the bugs and glitches causing your remote to function abnormally. The simple way to reset your Firestick remote is to Unplug the device and press and hold the Menu and “Left” buttons for 12 seconds. Then, release the buttons and wait for 5 seconds, and perform the below given steps.
    • Remove the remote batteries.
    • Plug in your FireStick and wait for the on-screen message “TV cannot detect your remote“.
    • Then, replace the remote batteries and press the Home button.

How can I tell if Alexa is listening on my remote?

If Alexa is listening on your remote, the indicator LED light on the remote becomes solid blue. A prompt on the Fire TV screen appears with the voice message “Alexa is listening”.

What are the other troubleshooting methods to fix the blue light on the Firestick remote?

The other troubleshooting methods to fix the blue light on the Firestick remote are listed below.

  1. Update your Firestick Firmware
  2. Clear cache and data
  1. Update your software: Ensure your Firestick and its remote are updated with the most recent software updates. Sometimes, software glitches also trigger connectivity problems, and updating the device solves the issue in seconds.
  2. Clear cache and data: Clearing or purging the cache and data on Firestick improves the device’s performance and resolves any lingering issues. To clear the cache and data on Firestick, select the “Settings” icon from the home screen, tap on “Applications“, and choose the “Clear cache and data” option

What are the other lights on the Firestick Remote?

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The other lights on the Firestick Remote indicate different issues or functionality and are listed below.

  • A blinking yellow/orange light – A blinking yellow light means that your Firestick remote is currently in DISCOVERY MODE and is trying to pair with a Firestick
  • Blue lights that blink rapidly three times – This means that your Firestick remote has found a device to pair with from DISCOVERY MODE and is ready to be used.
  • A glowing red light – A glowing red light lets you know that the batteries in your Firestick remote need to be swapped out.