FireStick Stuck on Loading Screen: Why does it happen, causes and Solutions

FireStick Stuck on Loading Screen: Why does it happen, causes and Solutions

The FireStick stuck on the loading screen and only showing the Amazon logo is one of the most common problems for Fire TV Stick users.

The Firestick loading screen appears when the device becomes unresponsive. An unresponsive firestick also leads to other issues such as screen freezing and a black screen.

The Firestick stuck on the loading screen is caused by issues with the power supply, peripheral devices and accessories, overheating, background processing tasks, and hardware faults. This FireStick stuck-on loading screen is easily resolved if there’s no damage to the device hardware.

Read on to learn about why FireStick is stuck on the loading screen, the causes, and how you could resolve this problem with your Fire TV Stick.

Why is my Firestick stuck on loading screen?

Firestick loading screen on TV

Generally, a Firestick is stuck on loading screen due to some common problems such as issues with remote batteries, internet connection, HDMI, and applications that make your Firestick unresponsive.

  • Remote battery issues: The low or dead remote batteries make the remote unresponsive as the remote loses connection to the device without batteries.
  • Internet connection issues: Internet connection issues make the playing media fail to load and appear stuck.
  • HDMI problems: HDMI problems have been the major issue for the black screen in Firestick which gets easily solved with the use of a new HDMI extension. However, a problem with the HDMI port also causes a loading or black screen problem. The simple solution is to try using another HDMI port on the TV before buying a new HDMI cable.
  • Application issues: If your Firestick is getting stuck or screen freezing while using a particular app, removing and reinstalling the application will fix the problem.
  • Freeze or Lock: If your Fire TV device freezes or locks up, you must reboot or factory reset the device to fix the problem.

What are the serious causes of Firestick stuck on loading screen?

The serious causes of Firestick stuck on loading screen are listed below.

  1. Problem with the power supply
  2. Use of incompatible peripheral devices and accessories
  3. Overheating
  4. Background processing tasks
  5. Fault with the device hardware

Let’s understand each one of these in detail.

  1. Problem with the power supply: The Firestick gets into a power supply problem when there are issues with the wall outlet or if you use an incompatible third-party power adapter.
  2. Use of incompatible peripheral devices and accessories: The use of incompatible accessories such as USB cables, HDMI adapters, and extenders causes problems with the power supply and finally results in Firestick stuck on the loading screen.
  3. Overheating: Overheating of the FireStick device causes multiple problems including loading screen issues. If you ever suspect your FireStick to be overheating, turn it off and allow it some time to cool off.
  4. Background processing tasks: When some background processing task such as firmware or system update and data backup is going on, the device takes around 20-25 minutes to boot up and it will appear as Firestick stuck on the loading screen.
  5. Fault with the device hardware: When there’s a fault with the device hardware, unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do yourself unless you are a professional repairman. It is better to get your device repaired and buy a new one.

How do you fix a Fire Stick that is stuck on the loading screen?

Firestick stuck on logo screen.

The problems that cause Firestick to stuck on the loading screen are easy to find and fix whereas some require finding the cause and then fixing it up. But, before that make sure that your FireStick remote batteries are not low or fully drained.

If a Fire Stick won’t turn on or operate, it’s most likely due to a power failure, however, an even more typical reason is that the TV was not turned on correctly or the HDMI is not correctly set.

The tried and tested ways to fix your FireStick stuck on the loading screen, Amazon, or Fire TV logo are given below.

1. Check background processing tasks

As discussed earlier, while processes such as data backup or system updates are going on in the background, the FireStick takes more time than usual to boot up. In a situation like this, you must be patient and wait for some time until the background processes are finished and the FireStick stuck on the loading screen is resolved.

You should wait for around 20-25 minutes and if the problem persists, then it is certain that your device has other reasons that are causing the problem.

2. Check for power problems

Checking for power problems ensures that your device is receiving enough power to function properly. The use of incompatible and faulty peripheral devices is the main cause of power problems in a Firestick leading to a stuck loading screen.

For example, if you are using a third-party power adapter that is incompatible with your FireStick device generation, your device won’t get the right amount of power it needs.

The steps listed below will help you resolve issues with your Fire TV Stick due to power problems.

  • Always ensure to use the compatible and original accessories with your device. If you have lost your original accessories that came with the Fire TV box, buy a new one manufactured by Amazon.
  • Never use USB cables, HDMI adapters, and extenders to connect the FireStick to a direct power supply.

3. Restart/Reboot your FireStick

Most of the time, a FireStick just needs restarting or rebooting to start functioning properly. It simply takes a few seconds to complete and is the quickest way to fix issues with Fire Stick devices.

Restarting your Fire Stick essentially is reloading the operating system and letting it start over from scratch, so it erases any glitches in the process that were causing the problem.

The simple way to restart the Firestick is to unplug the Fire TV device from the outlet, wait for about 60 seconds or a minute, and then plug the device back into the outlet and turn it ON.

4. Check For problems with the HDMI connection

HDMI ports on TV.

You must check for problems with the HDMI connection to mitigate the risk of FireStick being stuck on the loading screen due to a problem with the HDMI port and cable.

The first step is to plug your Firestick into a different HDMI port on your TV and select the correct HDMI input source. If you are using an HDMI cable or extension then use a different one to test if that solves the problem.

The HDMI connectivity issue between the Firestick and the TV cause the Firestick to stuck on the loading screen. The simplest way to test and fix the issue is listed below.

  • Remove all the devices that are connected to your TV through the HDMI port.
  • Then, plug your FireStick into each HDMI port available on your TV one by one and check if it works perfectly with any of them. If the problem resolves then the problem was due to a HDMI port malfunction.

5. Uninstall the Problematic App

You need to uninstall the problematic App if the Firestick gets stuck on the loading screen or becomes unresponsive while using only certain Apps. Sometimes, restarting the Firestick resolves this problem but you must also clear the cache and data of the app.

The best solution to fix the screen loading issue due to the problematic App is uninstalling and re-installing the App.

The steps to manually uninstall the App on FireStick is given below.

  • Select Settings from your Firestick home screen.
  • Scroll down to Applications.
  • Select Manage Installed Applications and choose the app you want to install from the list.
  • Choose Uninstall.

6. Verify that your TV is HDCP-compliant

A picture with HDCP details.

HDCP stands for High bandwidth Digital Content Protection. It is an encryption technology incorporated into modern televisions to protect digital video content from unauthorized copying and if your TV is not compliant with this your Firestick will get stuck on loading screen.

The Firestick requires an HDCP-compliant television to function properly. Since the incompatibility issue is common with old televisions, you will need a replacement TV if you are using an old one.

7. Reset Your Fire Stick to Factory Settings

Resetting your Fire Stick to the factory setting is the last troubleshooting step you need to perform if none of the above solutions fix the Firestick stuck on the loading screen issue. usually, a factory rest helps you with numerous issues and is a widely used troubleshooting method to fix problems with Fire TV Stick.

But, when you factory reset your FireStick, you will have to compromise with the saved data and customized settings as all of that will get permanently deleted after the reset. This brings the Firestick to the factory default settings or the settings it had when you first unboxed it.

8. Boot the FireStick into safe mode

Booting the Firestick into safe mode allows you to access settings and fix underlying issues with the device. You need a stand-alone PC keyboard and an OTG adapter.

The steps to boot your Firestick into safe mode is given below.

  • Connect the stand-alone keyboard to the Firestick USB port.
  • Turn on your Firestick.
  • Once the logo appears on the screen, hold down the Ctrl, Alt, Menu, I, and PrtSc keys simultaneously on the keyboard.
  • Keep holding the keys until Safe Mode appears at the bottom left corner of the display.
  • Now, release the keys, and the FireStick will load the home screen in safe mode.

Now, clear the cache, delete the apps that are causing the device to hang, and restart or reset the device to factory settings to fix the boot looping on your Firestick.

To exit the Safe Mode, restart the Fire TV by going to Settings > My Fire TV > Restart. Your Fire TV will reboot and start working normally.

What to do if a particular screen freezes and remains persistent on the TV?

netflix stuck on firestick

If a particular screen freezes and remains persistent on the TV then restart your device and examine the device connections to fix start-up problems.

The steps to fix the Fire TV logo frozen on your TV screen is given below.

  • Turn On your Fire TV device again.
  • Plug in the Fire TV device using the power cord or adapter that came with your device.
  • Leave it ON for 25 minutes or until the screen changes.
  • Ensure that the HDMI cable you’re using is fast.
  • Try inserting the cable in a different HDMI port if multiple options are available.
  • Try connecting the Fire TV device straight to the TV if your HDMI hub supports it.
  • Verify that your TV complies with HDCP. For that, examine the TV owner’s manual’s section on video cables.

What should I do if I can’t launch an App or if it’s crashing?

If you can’t launch an App or if it’s crashing either restart your Fire TV device or delete the program’s cache and data. You should use the below-given troubleshooting steps if an app on your Fire TV device continues to crash or refuses to load.

  • Reinstall the app after removing it.
  • Start up your Fire TV device again.
  • Press and hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons for 10 seconds.