Robbert Randy

Robbert Randy is the mastermind behind the Vacuum articles on

As a graduate of Commercial Economics from the University of Applied Science in Leiden, he uses his analytical skills and economic knowledge to provide comprehensive, unbiased reviews of vacuum cleaners.

Robbert’s journey with HomePlusTechnology began in July 2023 when he thought of sharing his knowledge on this website. This venture wasn’t driven by profit but by a genuine interest in researching and sharing their findings with the world.

Over the years, Robbert has developed a unique research methodology for reviewing vacuum cleaners. His innovative approach includes using special floor bins with various types of surfaces to test a vacuum cleaner’s performance, ensuring that they will work effectively in any home environment.

Robbert also places great importance on the usability and maintenance of vacuum cleaners. He goes beyond the manufacturers’ promises, conducting independent tests to verify claims and understand the actual user experience.

He checks how easy it is to clean filters and empty vacuum bags or bins, key factors that contribute to the longevity and efficiency of these devices.

His dedication to providing reliable and transparent reviews is evident in his commitment to purchase all the vacuum cleaners tested on the site, refusing to accept free products from manufacturers. This ensures that every article on HomePlusTechnology & HomeTechInside is accurate, unbiased, and serves the best interests of the readers.

With more than a decade of experience under his belt, Robbert is the go-to person for advice on choosing the right vacuum cleaner. His expertise and commitment to health and cleanliness make him an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to keep their home tidy and dust-free.

For personal advice or queries, you can reach Robbert directly at Please note that while he reads all emails, due to the volume of inquiries, he may not be able to answer every single one.

VacuumStyle which was previously owned by Robbert and HomeTechInside where he used to share his expertise is now acquired by

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