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We Focus on Making Smart Home Affordable to Everyone.

HomePlusTechnology is a smart home company dedicated to bring the home automation technology for everyone for enhancing home security and is owned by NEXT TECH MEDIA.

We have created a world class Home Automation team that can help you make you home smart. We go to the roots of the problem during our product research and so we believe that technology is not a real problem, how we use and manage them is.

Home Security is a major problem for every homeowner today and that the main thing we look at.

We know that the user is at the center of every business. ​

Home Plus Technology is founded by Keshav Krishnan, a pioneer in the home technology industry. Five years ago, he started his journey as a home tech researcher and writer in 2019 and soon he understood that home automation must be available for everyone.

His articles and product research guides have helped millions of people so far. He was featured as one of the 15 Young Entrepreneurs To Look-out For In 2022 by Outlook and Mashable.

Strong Team of Tech Experts!

Our strong team of Home Tech experts brings the most valuable information and guides which comes for free to every homeowner in the world.

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